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(#1125)生意近墨尔本大学,店内生意繁忙,人流量大,客户群体稳定,每日来来往往的客人很多, 一手握着杯暖暖的热饮加三明治是本地人必备的日常。店内主要以经营热饮,三明治以及一些简单好吃的热食为主。生意简单易上手。每周营业5天,租金合理。周收入:$7,500左右

Near the University of Melbourne cafe shop for sale,  high traffic, stable client. The store mainly focuses on hot drinks, sandwiches and some delicious hot food.  Business is simple and easy to operate. Weekly Taking: $7,500 (Approx.)

Carol Chau

Director & Licensed Real Estate
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$420 / Per week
3 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

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